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Aims and objectives
  • A concise, efficient material, suitable both for academic & vocational studies, that enables independent & interactive learning, while addressing proven educational gaps.
  • A material making Greek language learning as accessible and efficient as those of the most spoken languages in the EU.

1. One of the immediate aims of the consortium is to address the urgent needs of the Partners for learning material in their classrooms and elsewhere, thus contributing to the additionality of the existing material with innovative, bilingual, interactive series.  
2. The design of the proposed material is an essential part of its originality. The vibrant, interesting, authentic content and presentation, with extensive number of illustrations would attract, encourage, and convince reluctant EU citizens to learn Greek in order to motivate work and study mobility, or just for the benefit of learning a LWULT.  
3. The consortium places great emphasis on the pre-A, A1, A2 levels of GFL. The goal is to familiarize students as early as possible with the particularities of the Greek language that contribute greatly to the alarming drop-out rate at the intermediate levels.  
4.The consortium believes strongly in the necessity of the material and intends to complete the series, in the future, with B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels, in order to render GFL learning as accessible and efficient as the most spoken languages in the EU. 

5. A subsequent goal is to teach foreign students (including ERASMUS students) easily, efficiently and in-depth GFL, in order for them to follow successfully studies in Greek universities.  
6. A very important target group is the immigrants in Greece whose integration depends upon a good understanding of Greek language and culture. Additionally in order to obtain the Greek nationality an A2 level Competency is required by law. The proposed bilingual material regards language learning as a social process that takes into account the student's background and L1.   
7. For the 5 million of Greek Diaspora in Europe and worldwide the proposed material could facilitate their re-connection with the motherland and the repatriation of some of them. The repatriation policy of the Greek State concerns especially the Diaspora from Eastern European countries.
The project and European goals
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