Friday, October 19, 2018

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’VELLAZERIMI” and the School “Kolegji I Korces ‘OMIROS” ALBANIA

The educational organization ’VELLAZERIMI” has created the  school “Kolegji I Korces ‘OMIROS founded in 1999 to uphold the principles of Albanian education + Greek language and civilization courses. Greek is mandatory and the syllabus  includes the six levels of the European Frame work for the Languages. Currently 380 pupils both Albanian and of Greek origin are enrolled.

The educational organization ’VELLAZERIMI” has created an adult’s education centre in (LLL-Life Long Learning center) where 600 hundred students are enrolled for the Greek language dept.

VELLAZERIMI cooperates with P1 regarding the NEOHEL’S educational material for the learning of the Greek language +  testing & evaluation of new material.

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