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The department of Modern Greek studies operates since 1960.

Staff: Dr. Ir. Tsamados-Jacoberger (Linguistics, GFL), 2 associated professors and 1 lecturer. There is an undergraduate (235 students) and a postgraduate programe (64). The Department offers courses on: GFL at beginner, intermediate and advanced level, comparative grammar, linguistics, relations between Greek and other EU languages, Greek history and culture etc.

It cooperates with the Universities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Peloponnese, Cyprus and many French-speaking universities. For the latter, it publishes a bulletin serving as a guide for Greek studies. P3 collaborates with LEA (Applied foreign languages) and other Departments of Languages and intercultural.

Cooperates with associations for the promotion of Greek culture and university programmes such as SPIRAL (autoformation), CFL (LLT) and CTU (distant learning) for their GFL courses.

It participates in various research programmes such as ONLY CONNECT-Socrates, NEFI-LINGUA-Langue-choc, Ruijs & Daal, EU project languages.


Role of the organization in the project


P3 will be responsible for the:

-initial research on the educational material to be used in relation to the specified needs of the target groups,

-planning and designing of the material,

-adaptation in L1 (FR) of textbooks and workbooks of all levels, making suggestions on the general compliance of the material (linguistic and cultural)

-translation of vocabulary, rules and instructions in the printed and e-learning material & review of the CD

-application and evaluation of the material at the end of the first year

- P3 will also lead the quality assurance work package, through which deliverables and procedures will be evaluated during the project’s lifetime

-dissemination of the products

-exploitation of the products

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