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St. Lawrence College is a British independent school founded in 1980 to uphold the basic principles of British education and to cater for the needs of British and other expatriates but also of any family, which desires a British education for its children. Currently, 800 pupils of 57 different nationalities are enrolled.

Our school has high academic standards and the pupils achieve excellent examination results. St. Lawrence was awarded the Cambridge “Excellence in Education”. Apart from English, other languages taught in St. Lawrence are French, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. Greek is mandatory and the pupils sit annually Greek language proficiency tests. 

Whereas the school uses P1's "ASTERIAS"series for children for our younger pupils, there is a lack of quality material compatible to the European Framework for languages for 16-18 year old beginners.

The school has a long-standing collaboration with P1 regarding the testing & evaluation of new material.


Role of the organization in the project


P2 will be responsible for the:

-initial research on the educational material to be used in relation to the specified needs of the target groups,

-planning and designing of the material,

-adaptation in L1 (EN) of textbooks and workbooks of all levels, making suggestions on the general compliance of the material (linguistic and cultural)

-translation of vocabulary, rules and instructions in the printed and e-learning material & review of the CD

-application and evaluation of the material at the end of the first year in the upper school (16-18)

-dissemination of the products

-exploitation of the products

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