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Description of the project
The creation & publication of "GREEK FOR YOU", a Bilingual Communicative Method  of learning Greek as a Foreign Language (GFL). The objective of this project is to create innovative, accessible, & high quality Greek language learning material, tools, & methodologies promoting life long learning as follows:
a. a bilingual interactive teaching material of Greek as a Foreign Language for adults who wish to learn Greek easily, yet in-depth,
b. a material suitable for both classroom & independent learning,
c. a material (pre-A) addressing the inherent difficulties of Greek phonemes & pronunciation that lead to systematic mistakes made even by advanced learners.
d. a complete educational series that systematically covers all levels of the CEFR for GFL- the proposed material (A1-A2) aiming to become a 1st step in this direction.
The proposed material will include:
- Pre-A level focused on Literacy (textbook & audio CD) The pre-A level addressing the particular phonemic difficulties of Greek will be published separately as it is a unique and novel material necessary for any initial approach to GFL.
- A1 & A2 levels each including textbook, workbook including key book, audio CD & a teacher's book.
- The published material will be complemented by a web site with E-learning activities & assessments.
 Pre-A level
 Text book
    Audio CD
A1 level
 Text book  Work book
 Teacher's book
Audio CD 
A2 level
 Text book  Work book  Teacher's book Audio CD 
Website with open source software
      •     The textbooks material
      •     Interactive activities complementing the material and assessment tests
      •     A Teacher’s Corner
      •     Information on Greece
      •     Relevant links & bibliography

Why did the consortium undertake this project?
Bilingual Structure
A material fully conforming to CEFR
Communicative approach
E-learning / Interactive learning
Independent learning
Intercultural approach
Target groups and Flexibility of the material


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